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The Next Cyberattack is Right Around the Corner—Are You Ready?

Sep. 23, 2020
Ryan Day

There’s a lot of pressure on IT decision-makers to fill the cybersecurity holes in their organization. The cyber skills shortage is palpable and growing. For four years running, cybersecurity is the most challenging IT hiring area in the world. There just aren’t enough experts in the field. Those of you expecting to hire your way out of your cyber skills gaps, we have some bad news for you—it’s not viable.

The more sustainable option is to train current employees with the needed cybersecurity skills. As a result, cybersecurity training needs to have a powerful and instant impact. IT professionals must be able to apply their newly-learned skills on the job immediately.

We surveyed students who completed Global Knowledge’s 10 most popular cybersecurity courses to ask how training has directly impacted on their work.


Cybersecurity training that translates to the workplace

Cyberattacks can happen at any time without warning. Organizations need a strong security team in place to respond to an attack in real time. And a strong team requires up-to-date cyber skills.

One of our students, Kyle J., completed a Global Knowledge cybersecurity training and his organization was hacked three weeks later. Suffice it to say, Kyle was prepared for the attack … and got a raise. (Way to go, Kyle!)

And he isn’t alone—97% of surveyed students said they have used or will use the skills learned in their job, including 95% who said they used their new skills within four weeks.

Here are comments from students who have been hands-on with their newly-added cybersecurity skills:

  • I am new to supporting Windows Server, and the skills I learned help me to better understand tools available to do my job and where to find them. (Paul S.)
  • Modified security policies and made changes to infrastructure. (Michael P.)
  • I'm in the process of configuring some new Cisco firewalls that will be put into production by the end of the year. (Darwin L.)
  • I am in the process of designing the firewall configuration with a vendor. I can interpret the design they chose to use. (Andrew B.)


Have a greater impact on your team and organization

The new skills gained in Global Knowledge’s cybersecurity courses are having organization-wide effects. According to our cybersecurity students, 96% said training improved their individual performance and enabled them to more positively impact their teams.

The survey revealed the following benefits experienced first-hand by cybersecurity students:

  • Increase in productivity
  • Decrease in errors
  • Increase in employee engagement
  • Cost savings
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Increase in employee retention


Many students also said they would recommend Global Knowledge training to a team member. The knowledge of our instructors and their real-world experience were major factors.

  • Great content. Great labs. (Gregory F.)
  • The instructor was knowledgeable and had the drive to impart his learning to me. (Andrew B.)
  • I like the exam voucher, the lab accessibility after the class is over, and the breadth of information. (Mariassa T.)
  • I loved the hands on material. The instructor was also extremely knowledgeable and was able to supplement the provided course materials with excellent up-to-date resources. (Peter Y.)
  • I really enjoyed the pace of the class, and felt the instructor was extremely knowledgeable. In the very rare occurrence he didn't know the answer to a question (which was generally a question that was far [out] there or pertained to a glitch another attendee was dealing with) he would research the question and answer it. (James M.)


Be prepared with cybersecurity knowledge and hands-on skills

Cybersecurity skills are in high demand. We understand that and believe our training is the best option to close your skills gaps. Don’t count on hiring to be your “magic bullet.” Training current personnel may be your only feasible choice.

Just listen to our students—Global Knowledge’s cybersecurity training equips IT professionals with practical, hands-on knowledge that translates directly into the workplace. There’s no time to waste. The next cyberattack could be right around the corner. Make sure your organization has the proper skills to handle it.


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