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Prep for Over 40 Microsoft Certifications with GK Polaris Subscription

May 28, 2020
Ryan Day

For space shuttle flights, there’s a group of people whose primary job is to ensure the astronauts are prepared for any situation: mission control. To do so, intense training and simulations are conducted pre-launch to safeguard the astronauts against any surprises during the mission.

As an IT professional, you probably don’t have a flight director in your ear, but you do have a manager, team and organization who are all relying on you to do your job—with excellence. Equip yourself with resources that enable you to continually develop new Microsoft skills and the ability to practice those skills.

GK Polaris provides that support—and it’s unlimited.

Global Knowledge’s newly-launched subscription program, GK Polaris, delivers a continual payload of skills to ensure mission success. Within GK Polaris is the Discovery subscription plan, which includes unlimited access to over 100 Microsoft Virtual Classroom Live courses and provides prep for over 40 Microsoft certifications.


Discover what’s possible with unlimited Microsoft training

Our Discovery subscription is about one thing—possibility. With over 100 Microsoft courses to choose from, all subscribers have the option to take their career to previously unimaginable limits. The following technology areas can be mastered with GK Polaris Discovery:

  • Azure
  • Dynamics 365
  • Exchange Server
  • Modern Workplace
  • SharePoint
  • SQL Server
  • Teams and Skype
  • Visual Studio and .NET
  • Windows Server

Explore the GK Polaris unlimited training subscriptions.

With unlimited training in these areas, you can achieve over 40 Microsoft certifications.

The concept of discovery, when it comes to space travel, is awe-inspiring. Finding something new—whether it’s a planet, galaxy or lifeform—will certainly alter one’s career and provide inspiration to others.

Whether you aim to close skills gaps, improve your performance, change job roles, earn a promotion or make more money, it helps to have all of the supporting resources available for the journey. Plus, our customer success team is ready to help you figure out the best skills development plan using learning paths.


The value of Microsoft certification

In the annual Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report, thousands of IT professionals worldwide are surveyed about salaries, in-demand certifications, tech priority areas, skills gaps and more. In the 2020 report (to be released later this year), 21% of respondents hold at least one Microsoft certification, making it the third most popular certification category in the world.

In terms of salary, two Microsoft credentials cracked the list of top-paying certifications. In North America, Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate is associated with an average annual salary of $122,768, while Microsoft Azure Fundamentals is at $119,030. Azure Fundamentals is also the most commonly held Microsoft certification amongst survey respondents.

As for job roles, Microsoft certifications fulfill critical needs from professionals in cloud, security, networking and more. The most popular job roles among Microsoft-certified professionals are:

  • Systems architect
  • Cloud architect
  • Systems engineer
  • Network engineer
  • Systems administrator
  • Security engineer

Microsoft professionals are also highly motivated to certify, as 42% earned their most recent certification in the last six months.

In general, certification value is undeniable—93% of decision-makers around the world agree that certified employees provide added value above and beyond the cost of certification.

The main benefit of certified personnel is their ability to close organizational skills gaps—over half of all IT decision-makers said this was an advantage. Certified professionals are also better at meeting client requirements, increasing productivity, reducing time to troubleshoot, and completing projects more quickly.


Advantages of developing Microsoft skills with virtual classroom training

Global Knowledge’s virtual courses combine the structure and interactivity of the traditional in-person classroom, with the added flexibility of being able to train from any location. All courses in the Discovery subscription are online and include real-time instruction.

Virtual classroom training is led by the same expert instructors who teach our in-person courses. In addition to their expertise on particular topics and technologies, Global Knowledge instructors are trained specifically to keep students engaged in a virtual environment.

Students can communicate and collaborate seamlessly with the instructor and classmates using our immersive virtual platform. Take an online tour of a Global Knowledge virtual classroom.

Other benefits of live virtual training include:

  • Access to production-quality technical labs to reinforce skill development.
  • Class recordings are indexed and searchable for 12 months.
  • The virtual classroom interface is clean and user friendly; it’s also easy to sign up.
  • Maximize expenses and train without traveling!

Live, instructor-led training is ideal for professionals who need to add critical and high-priority skills. When you really need to learn something, expert interaction is essential.


GK Polaris illuminates your path forward

Polaris is the brightest star in the Ursa Minor constellation. Also known as the North Star, it provides illumination and stability.

GK Polaris offers similar reliability. When you have unlimited access to over 100 Microsoft courses and learning paths, your career path gets noticeably clearer. And your options are limitless.

Much like your skills needs, GK Polaris will continually evolve. More subscription plans will be available soon. Plus, we will add courses to the Discovery plan, as we did recently with AWS and cybersecurity.

For a price comparable to a single course, you can secure a full year of learning possibilities. Unearth your true potential with GK Polaris.

Your voyage begins here.