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How Certification Empowers Women in Tech

May 06, 2024
Global Knowledge

Women in technical fields face enduring and emerging obstacles as they strive to keep pace with new technologies and skill requirements. In addition to quickly acquiring up-to-date knowledge, they must tackle unjust hurdles to gain recognition in the male-dominated landscape. These dual challenges present a tremendous feat, necessitating that women build and validate key competencies to secure their position in the market.

To build these skill sets, women are constantly looking to upskill and reskill, turning to certifications that offer unparalleled advantages. In a constantly evolving industry, these qualifications not only ensure their sustained relevance but also position them at the forefront of innovation.

Skillsoft’s 2024 Women in Tech Report underscores this integral connection between education and career acceleration, with 49% of women citing professional development and training as a crucial organizational benefit. This trend towards continuous learning empowers women to stay ahead, preparing them to navigate changing demands and transform their professional trajectories.



Amidst the urgent need for a future-ready workforce, women are embracing opportunities to cultivate a holistic skill set. 67% advocate for investment in tech education, and 40% stress the imperative role of soft skills training, with respondents ranking team communication, emotional intelligence, and active listening as the most vital attributes for tech leaders.

Driven to broaden their expertise across various domains, women are particularly interested in learning about analytics, AI, machine learning, leadership and management, project management, cybersecurity, and cloud computing. In fact, many have already attained sought-after certifications in these disciplines, with the leading topics including Project Management (30%), Agile and Scrum (28%), IT Service Management (26%), Leadership and Management (24%), and Business Analysis (16%).

Recognizing the necessity of both technical and power skills in the modern workplace, women emphasize the importance of comprehensive learning pathways.


Certifications are a testament to professional excellence, enabling women to unlock remarkable achievements. Notably, respondents highlight the daily benefits, stating that these credentials have helped them:

  • Feel more confident at work (50%)
  • Refine skills in tech-related areas (36%)
  • Earn greater trust and credibility (33%)
  • Become more efficient at resolving issues (24%)

Beyond these immediate outcomes, certifications provide substantial long-term value. By obtaining tangible evidence of expertise and proficiency, women showcase their ongoing commitment to professional growth – a pivotal step to securing a competitive edge and facilitating career advancement.

But that’s not all.

The significance of certifications goes even further, paving the way for organizational progress. According to the latest IT Skills and Salary Report, certified employees boost productivity, improve troubleshooting capabilities, and bridge skills gaps, with 45% of tech leaders estimating that the annual added value of each certified employee is $20,000 or more.

As these findings suggest, certifications are more than personal accomplishments; they are a catalyst for women aiming to unleash their limitless potential and amplify enterprise-wide success.



The time to learn is here, yet taking the first step may appear daunting.

When starting this process, it is essential to select a training provider that aligns with your specific interests and needs. Respondents indicate primary factors to consider, including:

  • Opportunities for hands-on practice
  • Preferred training delivery formats
  • Instruction led by subject matter experts
  • Desired course availability and schedule

As an industry-recognized training provider, Skillsoft Global Knowledge addresses these priorities, offering IT certification training in AWS, Cisco, CompTIA, Google Cloud, ITIL®, Microsoft, Red Hat, VMWare, and more. With our extensive content and flexible scheduling, women in tech can receive the training they need precisely where, when, and how they want it.

Ready to dive deeper?

To learn more about our detailed insights, access the full report.