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Case Study

Improved Project Management Supports Manufacturer's Growth


Industrial Control Product Distributor (ICPD)

ICPD is a leading distributor in the high-tech market of industrial automation. The company offers a range of products that include programmable logic controllers (LCPs), motors, sensors, Ethernet products and gearboxes for use in the automotive, packaging, wastewater, pharmaceutical, food and beverage and oil and gas industries.


Delays in Project Completion Hinder Company Growth

ICPD was experiencing growing pains, particularly with product launches and completing internal projects. Information sharing between departments was difficult because each group had different project management systems and procedures.

The company tried to fix the problem on their own. ICPD offered ITIL® and project management fundamentals training to a couple of employee groups but quickly realized it was not enough to meet the company's goals. They needed help to create a uniform approach to project management, change internal processes and implement training on best practices.

ICPD was unsure where to start. They did not know how to create an employee baseline of knowledge or how to deploy an employee adoption program. The company also needed help setting up a change management group made up of various department team leads.


Needs Analysis, Training and Strategic Plan Development

ICPD partnered with Global Knowledge to conduct an analysis of the current project management processes being used by the various departments and to identify the pain points and subsequent requirements within each of these teams.

Our experts found the project managers were using several different tools and software like Visio, Microsoft Project, SharePoint and Daptiv. ICPD needed significant help with project prioritization, strategic project planning, project resource allocation and formal work capacity planning. Employees did not track the effort required by project teams or track how much work had been completed and as a result, they often ended up significantly understaffed.

In addition to conducting a needs analysis, our experts helped ICPD to develop a strategic plan for prioritizing projects, identifying project gaps and ensuring project alignment with their business goals. Another large focus of the analysis was identifying the specific pain points each team experienced and how to mitigate them.

The information from this analysis was used to create a training program and implementation roadmap specific to the needs of ICPD. Our consultants provided ICPD with research-based best practices and an industry standards report, developed program charters for two major ICPD projects and created an executive level project reporting process.

Over a 10-month period, we delivered 14 private group training sessions on-site at ICPD corporate headquarters in Georgia. Employees had access to the following courses: ITIL®, Project Management Foundations, Business Analysis Essentials, Business Process Analysis and Kanban. Each session had about six to 16 students.


Employees Completed Projects More Efficiently

Global Knowledge's training, tailored to the needs of the company, provided employees and decision makers with project management best practices, learning guides and a needs analysis aligned the company's internal processes. ICPD saw a return on investment (ROI) on time saved, effective resource allocation and projects completed more efficiently.

The employees who attended the training sessions so far are already using the information and coming into meetings more prepared with the project charters. When the company CEO announced that not all projects would be approved in the coming budget year he requested a business plan for each project. This was a new process for the teams. Employees who attended the Global Knowledge training sessions were prepared and ready for the meeting.

The CEO realized the positive effect the training was having and actively drove the initiative to ensure alignment of all teams with the program. In addition, the CEO approved future training with Global Knowledge to continue employee education and further supplement the company's new approach to project management.