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Benefit Diamond
Sold Out
Sold Out
Partner fair badges with parking and meals 4 4 3 2
Thirty-minute presentation to entire sales team x x*    
Thirty-minute post-conference sales training call x x x  
Ten-minute promotional opportunity at Fun Night (New) x      
One pre-conference email blast sent to all attendees (New) x      
One post-conference email blast sent to all attendees x x x  
Scheduled push notifications to all attendees (New) 2 1*    
One rotating advertisement on live display wall (New) x x    
One clickable banner ad within the mobile app (New) x x*    
Opportunity to host product line contest or in-app game x      
Exclusive sponsorship of Fun Night x*      
Exclusive general session sponsorship x      
Exclusive lunch sponsorship   x*    
Exclusive sponsorship of a refreshment break     x*  
Opportunity to provide promotional items for hotel room drop (New) x      
Opportunity to provide branded item for welcome bag x x    
Opportunity to provide promotional insert for welcome bag x x x  
Access to the official conference mobile app (New) x x x x
Logo included in mobile app with profile creation option (New) x x x x
Participation in the traffic builder game within mobile app x x x x
Attend Fun Night directly following the Partner Fair (New) x x x x
Opportunity to purchase additional badges at a discount x x x x


* Opportunities are limited and will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis.