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Mastering XML. XSLT, and XSL using Java- JAXP (TT4380)

GK# 4253 Vendor# TT4380

Course Overview


This course is geared toward Java programmers who need to understand what XML and XSLT are as well as how to work with XML from within Java. In this course, you will focus on the family of XML specifications and XML-related APIs from the Java world that are oriented toward parsing, transforming, and binding XML. There is a strong theme on performance and best practices throughout the course.

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a standard that is enabling a revolution in web applications and business-to-business interactions. XML is the basis for Wireless Markup Language (WML), Voice Markup Language (VoiceML), Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Web Services, and numerous industry initiatives such as ACORD (insurance), PXML (proposal/RFP), and OTA (travel).

You will learn how to consume, generate, and transform XML within Java and J2EE applications. The course is a balanced mixture of theory and labs designed to take you from the basic fundamentals of XML processing to the related advanced technologies such as Java/XML interoperability. You will walk through the various APIs in a structured manner to enable you to master the concepts, ideas, and patterns, which are reinforced in the labs.

You will receive a copy of the Xtensil product. This unique software was developed to assist in implementing, testing, and fielding XML applications. Xtensil is used as both a teaching aid and a straightforward, basic, fully functional XML toolkit that you can use on Windows and Linux platforms.


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What You'll Learn

  • Write well-formed XML documents
  • Model business requirements using XML
  • Handle XML reserved characters
  • Validate an XML document with a DTD and with a Schema
  • Centralize data and markup definition with entities
  • Create DTDs and Schemas using XML tools
  • Generate XML documents from databases
  • Write XSL templates to transform XML documents into HTML
  • Integrate XML, XSL, and the DOM to implement a complete solution
  • Programmatically parse well-formed XML documents
  • Programmatically validate XML document using DTD and Schemas
  • Work with SAX's event-based output
  • Work with DOM's node-based output
  • Programmatically transform XML into any other text representation using XSLT processors
  • Consume, generate, and validate XML using corresponding Java classes
  • Recognize XML-related performance issues and problems in Java applications


  • Experience with or knowledge of HTML is helpful
  • Knowledge of the Java programming language is required

Who Should Attend


This is an intermediate-level Java programming course designed for those needing to process XML from within Java applications.

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