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Event Management Fundamentals

Learn how to implement and administer the ServiceNow Event Management application.

This course provides the latest information, including technical exercises, to help students gain hands-on experience with Event Management. Participants will receive their own ServiceNow instance and Windows server that will allow the student to go through the hands-on exercises provided in the lab guide.

Support: No support is provided for this training, other than support related to acquiring your training environment and materials.

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Who Should Attend?

For students who want to learn how to implement and administer the ServiceNow Event Management application.

What You'll Learn

Students will learn to,

  • Describe the capabilities and benefits of ITOM Health Event Management and how it fits into the ITOM application suite
  • Learn to navigate key Event Management application components (e.g., Service Operations Workspace, dashboards, alert intelligence)
  • Capture and record events
  • Use event rules and event field mapping to generate meaningful alerts from events
  • Create actionable tasks, such as incidents, from alerts
  • Enable and use alert management remediation actions
  • Use Agent Client Collector monitoring

Course Outline

Lab Guide (U) - Optional

  • Lab Guide Download (U)

Module 1: Overview (U)

  • Event Management Overview (U)

Module 2: Architecture (U)

  • Event Management Architecture (U)

Module 3: Event Management (U)

  • Event Management Event Processing (U)

Module 4: Alerts and Tasks (U)

  • Event Management Alerts and Tasks (U)

Module 5: Event Sources (U)

  • Event Management Event Sources (U)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Event Management Voucher Info

Labs Outline

Please allow up to 90 minutes to receive your instance notification email with instance information and credentials. The ServiceNow instance and Windows server are available for a 14-day period. No extensions are allowed.

After enrolling, your instance URLs and credential information will appear in the upper left of this course information page. The Windows server will be used as a MID Server and will have access to our Event Management training environment to complete the lab exercises. Please allocate 12 to 15 hours over the two-week period to complete the lab exercises provided in the lab guide.

To access your Windows Server, you can RDP to the FQDN (hostname using an application such as Microsoft Remote Desktop or a similar application.

Credentials for the Windows Server
Username: administrator
Password: will be provided in the 'instance ready' email and will be displayed above in the course overview after enrollment

PLEASE NOTE: The ServiceNow instance and Windows Server will be periodically paused to save resources. Whenever you wish to work on your instances, you will be able to return here and hit the 'unpause' button, which will be displayed in the course overview header at the top of the page.

Please take a note of your expiration date, this is when your instance will be terminated, so be sure to finish your labs before this date.

To complete the course and terminate the lab environment, use the Course Completion Submission module in the navigation pane.


Related Certifications

When the course is complete, a voucher is made available, which may require payment. For more information on vouchers, please read the Certification Candidate Journey Guide and FAQ.

Please reference this blueprint for testing readiness.

  • Certified Implementation Specialist- Event Management