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CompTIA CyberSecure

Learn how to keep critical information protected, safe, and secure.

GK# 4180

Course Overview


In this course, you will learn about the security best practices vital to protecting your business. Implications of security behaviors that affect everyone in the workplace—not just the IT department—are also examined in this course.

This fun and engaging course enables you to learn how to keep critical information protected, safe, and secure.


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What You'll Learn

  • Cognitive mapping
  • Real world scenarios
  • Choose-your-own-adventure style
  • Case studies that contextualize choices
  • Ranking exercises that teach good, better and best choices


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On-Demand Outline

Course Outline:

1. You are the Best Defense

  • User can and should effectively protect him/herself and her company from information leaks
  • Information security is the responsibility of every employee in an organization
  • Identify the human as the target of malicious actions, not technology
  • User can make a difference

2. Overview of Information Security Threats

  • Basic categories of information security threats
  • Personally identifiable information
  • Leaks can come from inside or outside of a network
  • The way information can be compromised

3. Cultivating a Safe Mindset

  • How to cultivate a safe information mindset
  • Role of IT and HR departments and policy in info security
  • Healthy vigilance and skepticism

4. Cultivating a Safe Environment

  • How to cultivate a safe environment
  • How to cultivate a safe office
  • How to cultivate a safe environment when working remotely

5. Staying Safe Online

  • How to implement safety strategies online
  • Practicing situational awareness, healthy vigilance, and skepticism will help keep the user and his/her data safe
  • How to implement the following safety measures

6. Summary / Recap

  • User can and should protect his/her data and network
  • Situational awareness, healthy vigilance, and skepticism when applied to online environments

Who Should Attend


Individuals looking to gain awareness about CyberSecurity and understand general CyberSecurity concepts and responsibilities

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