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Global Knowledge Partners with Develop — the New Digital Learning Platform for Business and Technology Professionals

May 07, 2020

Cary, NC - Global Knowledge, the world’s leading tech skills training provider, has partnered with Develop, the new on-demand digital learning platform for business and technology professionals. Develop content is available now through Global Knowledge in North America, and will be available worldwide by the end of 2020.


Develop offers two subscriptions:

  1. Foundation, which is available in Global Knowledge’s GK Polaris “Launch” training subscription ($99.99/year)
  2. Data Academy ($399.99/year)


Foundation learners will develop basic capabilities across a range of technologies, while Academy subscribers will gain advanced expertise, knowledge and practice within specific areas.


Global Knowledge partners with Develop

Foundation subscribers have access to hundreds of hours of learning content, including DevOps, Networking & Telecommunications, Software Development, Project Management, Agile, ITIL® 4, and Cloud technologies. Learners at the Foundation level will develop basic capabilities across a wide range of technologies while improving and expanding their existing skills and knowledge.


Academy subscribers gain advanced expertise, knowledge, and hands-on skills practice within specific areas of technology. At launch, Develop is offering Data Academy, which covers Data Extraction, Analysis & Visualization, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. Students are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on practice needed to excel.


Additional Academies focused on Cybersecurity, Cloud technologies and Software Development will launch in the near future.


Global Knowledge CEO, Todd Johnstone, said, “Develop’s online and affordable technology and business skills offering is highly complementary to the existing Global Knowledge portfolio of authorized instructor-led virtual and classroom training.


“Including Develop Foundation in our GK Polaris Launch subscription fortifies our ability to support enterprises and individuals across the complete range of technology skills needs. Whether you’re starting your IT career as an IT Help Desk Agent, are a seasoned CIO, or any step in between, we’ve got you covered with options that span all levels and price points, anytime, anyplace, and anyhow you want."


As well as guiding individuals through their IT career paths, Global Knowledge helps enterprises upskill their workforces to make the most of today’s emerging technologies, with tailored packages blending digital subscriptions, authorized certification prep courses in live virtual classrooms, and customizable instructor-led training.


Develop’s VP Marketing, Katie Morse, added, “We are excited to be partnering with Global Knowledge, a world leader in IT training. Our future-focused content, which includes business critical topics such as data science, machine learning, project management, and software development, has great synergies with the Global Knowledge portfolio. We are looking forward to working together to help organizations and individuals build the skills they need for success in a technology-first world.”


View Develop's offerings:



Global Knowledge

Global Knowledge is the world’s leading technology skills training provider, supporting major enterprises and tech professionals with innovative and flexible learning solutions, anytime, anyplace, and anyhow.

Global Knowledge equips individuals and organizations for success with the broadest and deepest portfolio of IT training solutions, offering a unique flexibility to deliver on-demand digital content, virtual and physical classrooms, blended formats and customized on-site training, both directly and through a worldwide partner network.

Established in 1995, Global Knowledge delivers over one million courses every year, to over 200,000 technology professionals.


About Develop

Develop is an online learning platform that enables business and technology professionals to get ahead in our tech-driven world. By providing future-focused courses and a suite of data-backed learning capabilities, Develop’s subscription service empowers members to take control of their careers, reach their full potential, and sleep well at night knowing they’re ready for the future. Develop was launched in 2020 by industry veterans with a combined 70+ years in the learning and technology industries. For more, visit develop.com.


Caitlin Leddy