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Global Knowledge’s Full IT Skills and Salary Reports Available for Free

Dec. 17, 2019

Global Knowledge, the worldwide leader in IT training and professional development, has made all four of its illuminating 2019 IT Skills and Salary Reports available to download for free. 

The reports are based on responses from over 12,200 IT professionals in 159 countries and across 17 job functions. The annual reports are widely used by tech professionals, CIOs and governments to inform career, resource and policy decisions.

The four reports are:

  1. IT Skills and Certifications: Examines the job roles, industries, certifications and geographic locations that are associated with the highest salaries in IT.
  2. IT Decision-Maker Insights: Exposes the biggest challenges for IT managers as they weigh in on skills gaps, budgets, hiring, training value and more.
  3. Professional Development & Job Satisfaction: Identifies how tech professionals keep their skills sharp, the hot learning trends and how skills drive workplace happiness.
  4. Looking Forward: Reveals what tech practitioners and decision-makers need to be doing now to stay on top of their game.

2019 IT Skills and Salary Reports Free Download

Overarching key findings:

  • Technology skills gaps have grown 155% since 2015.
  • 41% of IT decision-makers who have a training budget didn’t approve training last year.
  • Cloud computing and cybersecurity lead in salaries, tech investments and prevalence of skills gaps.

Reasons behind skills gaps include:

  • Organizations now have difficulty attracting candidates with essential skills.
  • Rate of technology change is faster than organizations’ skills development programs.
  • Organizations have not invested enough in training to develop the skills they need.


Top challenges for IT leaders:

  • 50% say talent recruitment and retention challenges are driving premium salaries for qualified talent with critical skills.
  • 49% cite resource and budget constraints are increasing stress on employees, making it difficult for teams to meet quality objectives (e.g., projects, products, deliverables) and increasing project duration.


Top challenges for IT professionals:

  • IT professionals are leaving organizations who are not investing in their continued skills development and career growth.



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