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Training Industry Interview: Meeting the Skill Needs of Technical Workforces

Sep. 14, 2018

Global Knowledge CEO, Todd Johnstone, and Sr. Marketing Manager, Zane Schweer, spoke with Training Industry about how the modern technical workforce requires more than one way to develop new skills.



  • The most effective modality for IT training is actually an “evolving blend” of modalities, says Todd Johnstone.
  • “It’s critical that we’re not just shoehorning people into one modality or one delivery format,” Schweer says. 
  • “The best learning,” says Johnstone, “comes through multi-modality …customized to the specific needs” of the people you’re working with. By considering the technologies currently (and soon-to-be) in use, the needs of the workforce, and the business goals they’re supporting, L&D professionals can help close the IT skills gap at their organizations.


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