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The Top 5 IT Certifications That Will Increase Your Salary

July 24, 2017

Global Knowledge's CEO Sean Dolan spoke with TechRepublic about The top 5 IT certifications that will increase your salary; the interview was based on results from Global Knowledge's 10th annual IT Skills & Salary Report. 

The Top 5 Certifications of which Dolan spoke –

Additional highlights from TechRepublic interview:                                                                    

  • The importance of certifications is evolving. The industry is shifting further towards a reliance on skillsets which will continue to drive the need for certifications.  A significant change in this process is the de-emphasis on just passing an exam.  Organizations will continue to be more interested in supporting certifications that demonstrate the value of an employee’s work and the real-world knowledge they possess. 
  • The focus will continue to be on broad-range technologies like Security and Cloud: Certifications in these areas require employees to have a wide scope of multiple knowledge areas.  Shifting away from granular specializations, employees will be required to have functional expertise in a variety of technologies.    
  • Global Knowledge is uniquely suited to assist organizations and learners through this transition: We continue to invest in these new technologies and curricula.  This gives us an advantage when companies seek guidance on how they can build the skillsets they need to be successful.