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Red Hat Individual Exam Sessions FAQs


General Information

What are Individual Exam Sessions?
Individual Exam Sessions are Red Hat certification exams delivered at a date and time of the examinee's choosing using a unique delivery system and remote proctor.

Are Individual Exam Sessions the same as classroom-delivered exams?
Individual Exam Sessions are the same hands-on, performance-based Red Hat exams available in a classroom setting. The manner in which examinees are monitored differs. Classroom-delivered exams are monitored in person; Individual Exam Sessions are monitored remotely.

Are Individual Exam Sessions priced differently than classroom-delivered exams?
Individual Exam Sessions are priced the same as classroom-delivered exams.

Where are Individual Exam Sessions stations available?
A complete list of Individual Exam Session locations is available at:

How can I locate Individual Exam Sessions?
Information about Individual Exam Sessions is available at:
Individual Exam Sessions have a unique course code. The codes for Individual Exam Sessions are not the same as the codes for classroom-delivered exams.


Registration & Purchasing

How do I purchase my Individual Exam Session?
To purchase an Individual Exam Session, call 877-350-0263 to speak to a training advisor.


Can I purchase Individual Exam Sessions if I live outside the US?
Yes. A complete Global list of Individual Exam Session locations is available at:


I have purchased an Individual Exam Session. What happens next?
Once your registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from Global Knowledge. You will also receive a follow-up e-mail from Red Hat. These e-mails confirm that your request has been received. Registration into an exam session is not confirmed at this time.
You will receive an additional order confirmation with details on how to verify your account and schedule your specific exam session.

How do I schedule my Individual Exam Session?
Upon completion of your enrollment, an order confirmation will be sent with details on how to verify your account and schedule your specific exam session.

Can I reschedule an Individual Exam Session once I have scheduled an exam?
Cancellation of Individual Exam Sessions is not allowed. Exam session fees are nonrefundable. An Individual Exam Session purchase must be redeemed within one year of purchase.

How do I cancel my Individual Exam Session?
All sales of an Individual Exam Session are final and cannot be canceled. You will have one year from the date your registration is confirmed to redeem your purchase by scheduling an exam.

Can I transfer my Individual Exam Session purchase to someone else?
Individual Exam Session purchases are non-transferable.

When can I take my Individual Exam Session?
You can schedule an Individual Exam Session at any testing location during the testing center's normal hours of operation.

When will I learn the results of my Individual Exam Session?
Results of your Individual Exam Session will be provided within the same reporting timeframe as the corresponding classroom-delivered exams. Exam results can only be sent to the candidate completing the exam.

What happens if I arrive late to my Individual Exam Session?
Arriving 15 minutes late or more is considered a no-show. Please consult the Terms and Conditions for more information. No-shows will result in forfeiture of payment, and the session cannot be rescheduled.

Are breaks allowed once an Individual Exam Session has begun?
Breaks are permitted and are taken on the clock. Exams may be suspended or stopped altogether if a break is too long.

Are cell phones, scratch paper, and other personal items allowed during an Individual Exam Session?
Examinees must put away all personal items while taking exams.

I have questions regarding my certification. Whom should I contact?

I have questions regarding purchasing an Individual Exam Session. Whom should I contact?


View the Terms and Conditions