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Microsoft Azure LaaS

Make learning a year-long priority with Learning as a Service

The best way to learn is to do. Instructor led courses enriched by real-world experience and hands-on labs are the gold standard of learning. To fill any gaps in an annual training plan, Global Knowledge has introduced Azure LaaS. Microsoft Cloud professionals can now strengthen their instructor led courses with self-paced Azure courses from the Microsoft On-Demand library. Courses are presented as a combination of text, downloadable eBooks, links to additional reading, instructional videos, demonstration videos, labs, and end of section reviews.

With the context provided by your multi-day instructor led training course, these free topic-based on-demand courses will provide more detail that enriches your learning experience and further develop your skills. The key advantages include:

  • Validated topic knowledge with a course completion certificate
  • Improved job performance from newly acquired skills
  • Convenient learning schedule with self-paced on-demand courses

Two enrollment types

Microsoft's cloud services are constantly growing and evolving. Budgetary and time limitations often impede individuals and enterprises from staying on the front line of technology updates. With the addition of the Azure LaaS, it's easier than ever to consume the most up-to-date training material. Choose from two enrollment types:

  • Free - Open to anyone that wishes to deepen their understanding of a specific Azure topic.
  • $100 - For those individuals or enterprises that wish to track and validate course completion. Add the certificate to your cart when you enroll for your course, or purchase it at any time prior to course completion. A voucher code will be added to your MyGK dashboard that can be redeemed upon passing the exam in the course completion chapter.

Current Azure LaaS Titles

Course Title


Completition Certificate
Azure Fundamentals (Azure214x)
This course provides fundamental level knowledge about Microsoft Azure. It is intended for people who are looking to learn about what Microsoft Azure is, how it works, what are the services it provides and how best you can leverage them.
Building Your Azure Skills Toolkit (DEV224x)
Build up your azure Toolkit, and see how easy it is to integrate Azure services, like Cognitive Services and Cosmos DB, into your apps.
Developing Big Data Solutions with Azure Machine Learning (DAT228x)
Learn how to build predictive solutions for big data using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning.
Automating Azure Workloads (AZURE210x)
Learn how to automate operational and management tasks in Microsoft Azure to save time.
Azure Security and Compliance (AZURE208x)
You can use Azure to build and deploy infrastructure, applications, and services using tools and resources to ensure the security and compliance of your cloud solutions.
Microsoft Azure App Service (AZURE206x)
This course focuses on Azure App Service as an application platform that you can use to deploy and manage web, mobile and API applications.
Introduction to NoSQL Data Solutions (DAT221x)
Learn the fundamentals of NoSQL and explore several non-relational data storage options in Microsoft Azure.
Migrating Workloads to Azure (AZURE212x)
Learn how to take existing on premises solutions and move them to Azure.
 Developing IoT Solutions with Azure IoT (DEV225x)
Start creating and Managing your own connected IoT devices today using secure Microsoft Azure technologies. 
Microsoft Azure Virtual Networks (AZURE203x)
In this course, you’ll be introduced to virtual network configuration through the Microsoft Azure Portal and network configuration files.
Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines (AZURE202x)
This course focuses on using IaaS virtual machines in Azure for IaaS workloads, emphasizing basic configuration, planning, deployment and management tasks.
Microsoft Azure Identity (AZURE204x)
This course focuses on important concepts such as what makes Azure AD different from on-premises AD. 
Databases in Azure (AZURE207x)
This course focuses primarily on Azure SQL Database as a database service that can quickly and efficiently scale to meet demand. 

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