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The IT Team of the Future: World of Infrastructure Engineers + World of Software Developers 

Introducing a New Cisco Certification Framework.

On June 10th at Cisco Live in San Diego, Cisco introduced new training and certifications in five key technology tracks and introduced a new focus area – DevNet.  The associate, specialist, professional, and expert-level certifications will validate your critical job skills and your ability to manage modern enterprise infrastructures.

The new DevNet training and certifications will help combine infrastructure expertise with the power of programmability to take advantage of the possibilities of intent-based networking.

Visit the Cisco overview page for the latest information and to test drive Cisco's migration tools.

Hear Cisco's certification announcement directly from Chuck Robbins.


This is a big deal.  What do the experts at Global Knowledge think?

Don't Panic.  Continue to Pursue Your Certification Goals.

When there are changes to Cisco certifications it is not small news. These changes will significantly impact Cisco partners, customers and technology users. But don't panic these changes will be beneficial.

  • There will be a transition plan. Continue to train and pursue certifications.
  • The certifications you earn now will be applied to the new certifications in February.
  • The current exams won't retire until February 23, 2020.
  • This is good news. The new framework will be simplified and better aligned to today's enterprise infrastructures.
  • Trust the experts at Global Knowledge to advise you during this migration.

 View the current Cisco certifications



The New Cisco 2020 Certification Tracks:

The new Cisco certifications will be divided among 6 technology tracks featuring 4 skills levels. With the introduction of the DevNet certification track, Cisco has elevated the skills required to support intent-based networking.

In addition, the DevNet specialization exams are featured within the 5 infrastructure technology tracks enabling you to achieve certifications in both areas.

New Cisco Certification Tracks


Earn More Cisco Certifications By Training Now!

That's right, by continuing to train and earn certifications and pass exams, you can achieve more certifications than if you wait until the new certifications have been implemented in February.  If you achieve the current certifications now you can hold that certification for three years, and be grandfathered into the new certification, and be also be awarded multiple specializations.

Cisco's migration plan ensures your training and certification effort is not wasted.  View the migration matrix to understand what certifications you're eligible to receive.  And more importantly, what an additional exam or two will enable you to acheive.

View The Matrix 


Key Program Updates:

  • The new certification exams will be available in February 2020.
  • The new courses will be introduced over the next 8 months.
  • There are no formal prerequisites for the new certifications.
  • The new certification paths are streamlined and simplified.
  • There are new and expanded recertification options.
  • The current exams will be retired in February 2020.

More Details:

  • All previous CCNA certifications have been collapsed into a single associate level certification supported by a single exam.
  • Students will achieve a specialization level certification for each Specialization exam passed. You will be recognized for every exam you complete.
  • The CCNP certifications require students to pass a core exam and one specialization exam within the technology track.
  • The CCIE written exam has been replaced with the CCNP core exam (aka qualifying exam). Once you pass the core exam you are qualified to pursue the lab exam.


Revised Recertification Policies - Continuing Education Program:

The Cisco Continuing Education Program offers individuals alternative methods to renew their certifications. Previously only available for CCIE certifications, it is being extended to CCNA, CCNP, and Specialist certifications. With the CCE program, learners can earn credits for various actions. Once they have achieved the designated number of credits and paid an administrative fee, they will be recertified.

  • Take an exam
  • Attend Cisco Live training sessions
  • Author content
  • Complete online training courses
  • Complete instructor-led training

Learn More:

Visit the Cisco overview page for the latest information and to test drive the migration tools.
Return to this page for detailed explanations of the changes, migration paths and course availability.