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Wireless LAN Foundations

Design, manage, secure, and support an enterprise-class wireless LAN.

GK# 3605

Course Overview


Learn how to design, secure, and support wireless networks through detailed course discussion and a broad range of hands-on configuration and testing exercises. Learn in-depth security principles and troubleshooting techniques. Gain a full understanding of how radio frequency affects networking so you can perform site surveys, design a high-performance network, and protect both users and sensitive data from potential intruders.

After covering fundamental concepts of deploying a secure WLAN, you will explore advanced topics such as VoWLAN deployments, seamless mobile connectivity, and detailed wireless frame analysis. Enterprise class hardware and software tools are used during live lab exercises in order to simulate a state-of-the-art production environment.


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What You'll Learn

  • Radio frequency properties, behaviors, and regulations, and how they affect networking
  • Wireless standards, including 802.11 extensions a, b, g,, and n
  • General troubleshooting tips to common real-world 802.11a/b/g issues
  • General parameters for performing a successful site survey, along with software tools that reduce time and expense
  • Device-level Wi-Fi communications processes
  • Why 802.11a/b/g networks operate the way they do and how to apply that knowledge when faced with problems that stump most network administrators
  • Using wireless network analyzers to capture live data and pinpoint potential network issues
  • How using radio frequency makes wireless networks vulnerable
  • The most common wireless threats and how to detect and defend against them
  • Wireless security standards for keeping unauthorized users out and maintaining wireless data privacy
  • The application of 802.11i/WPA2 standards, including 802.1X/EAP, and the devices used to apply them
  • Wireless intrusion detection and why it's essential for maintaining a secure network



Who Should Attend

  • Administrators: network, systems, infrastructure, security, and LAN/WLANs
  • Support professionals: technical assistance and field support
  • Designers: network, systems, and infrastructure
  • Developers: wireless software and hardware products
  • Consultants and integrators: IT and security
  • Decision makers: infrastructure managers, IT managers, security directors, chief security officers, and chief technology officers

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