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Boost productivity, build differentiated experiences, and innovate faster with Generative AI on AWS

June 19, 2024
Global Knowledge

Amazon Web Services (AWS) simplifies the process of building and scaling generative AI applications for your data, use cases, and customers. With Generative AI on AWS, you benefit from enterprise-grade security and privacy, access to industry-leading foundation models (FMs), generative AI-powered applications, and a data-first approach. Access FMs that best suit your purposes and customize them with your data to deliver outstanding results. You can also select open-source models or build your own. No matter what you choose, the most secure and available enterprise capabilities and the broadest and deepest data services enable you to scale confidently.

Best Practices for Generative AI Adoption

Start Internally

Begin with internal application development to optimize operations and employee productivity. This controlled environment allows you to test and understand the technology, customize models based on internal knowledge sources, and ultimately provide a better customer experience.

Enhance Transparency

Label all generative AI applications and outputs as AI to avoid unintentionally deceiving customers. Transparency allows users to engage with content at their discretion and helps address inaccuracies or hidden biases in the underlying models.

Implement Security

Establish guardrails to prevent inadvertent unauthorized access to sensitive data. Involve security teams from the start to confirm measures like data masking and removal of personally identifiable information (PII) are considered before any model training.

Test Extensively

Develop automated and manual testing processes to validate results and test all scenarios the Generative AI system may encounter. It can be helpful to have separate groups of beta testers try the applications differently and document the results. The more you test, the more the model will improve, increasing control over the expected outcomes and responses.


Why Organizations Choose Generative AI on AWS

Innovate with Generative AI

With enterprise-grade security and privacy, leading foundational models, a data-first approach, and low-cost infrastructure, organizations choose AWS to deliver Generative AI-fueled innovation at every layer of the technology stack.

Securely Build and Scale Generative AI Applications

AWS builds Generative AI services and capabilities responsibly and securely. AWS also provides comprehensive services, tools, and expertise to protect your data, ensuring it remains secure and private when customizing and fine-tuning foundation models.

Low-Cost Infrastructure

Train your own models and run interference at scale affordably. With AWS, you get a low-cost infrastructure for Generative AI and one of the broadest choices of accelerators in the cloud.

Data as Your Differentiator

With AWS, it’s easy to leverage your organization’s data as a strategic asset. By securely customizing foundational models with your data, you can build Generative AI applications that deeply understand your business and customers, leading to more differentiated experiences.

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