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Let the Canada Job Grant help, get your organization new expertise. 

In today’s world, every business is a digital business. You’re in competition with businesses around the world, and not just where you live. To keep up, you need to deliver innovation, and to deliver it quickly. That’s where capability in project management becomes so important.

In past generations, the need for project management was a subject of debate. It isn’t anymore. Today, the project manager is recognized as a key player in ensuring that quality work is completed on time and on budget. Today, it’s understood that good project managers pay for themselves many times over by preventing mistakes, late deliveries and cost overruns.

Training in project management isn’t always the first priority when it comes to training budgets, meaning sometimes business skills such as project management are ranked as a second tier priority compared to some of the technical training opportunities. Fortunately, the Canada Job Grant can help. With the Canada Job Grant, you can take advantage of a huge variety of courses, including business -skills courses, at a third of the usual cost.

Here’s how it works. In most provinces, the program pays up to two-thirds of the cost of approved training*, with the employer covering the other third. Each organization is eligible for up to $10,000 per person per year in government funding, and training is generally available to anyone in need of skills transitioning.

Another point to note is that the program’s application process has specific requirements, and applications will be rejected if not submitted properly. Fortunately, the Global Knowledge team is well versed in the requirements of the Canada Job Grant, and we’ll gladly help you make a funding application for any of our courses. We’re also an authorized third-party training provider right across Canada, which makes us the ideal source for building your skills in project management.

Learn more about the Canada Job Grant in:

AlbertaBritish ColumbiaManitobaNew BrunswickNewfoundland and LabradorNova ScotiaNorthwest TerritoriesNunavutOntarioPrince Edward IslandSaskatchewan or Yukon

To learn more about this great opportunity to maximize your training budget inquire today.

*Terms and Conditions apply. Grant value may differ in some provinces and territories.

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