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How to Maximize Your Virtual Training Class Experience

Congratulations, you signed up for a virtual class. Attending a live training course is time spent investing in yourself and improving your skills and talents. Taking an online virtual class is a little different from a physical class. Instead of getting up early and commuting, you join your class from wherever you have an internet connection. Spending a few minutes preparing will pay off on the first day of class.
Tips for successful virtual training and best practices

Follow these tips for a successful virtual training experience:

  1. Even though you are not physically in the same room as your instructor and fellow students, consider where you will physically take the virtual class. Will you be in the office? Working from home? A co-working facility? Pick a place where you can concentrate and are free from interruptions. 

  2. Being in a virtual classroom and lab environment for a day requires more system resources and internet bandwidth than a typical working day. You'll want to connect to a dedicated, wired high-speed internet connection. Working wirelessly is fine for checking email or browsing the web, but a wired connection for a virtual class provides the needed bandwidth consistently. 

  3. Prepare your system by conducting any recommended system tests and creating any needed accounts before the first day of class. Check the technical requirements for the virtual platform, lab environment, and electronic book. For example, you can test in our Global Knowledge Test Room before your virtual class. In the rare event you experience issues, please contact technical support

  4. Block out your calendar, turn on your out of office notifications, and resist the urge to check emails or take phone calls. Training is an investment in yourself, and it’s up to you to enforce it as a high priority.

  5. Make sure you can hear and be heard in class by using a headset with a microphone to connect to the room audio. Your phone earbuds are great for phone calls, but you’ll appreciate being able to freely talk and participate in class by using a comfortable audio headset with a microphone. We recommend Logitech headsets because they’re known for consistent quality at an affordable price. Tip: Remember to connect your headset before entering the virtual classroom so you can start listening and participating right away.

  6. Lastly, before entering the virtual room, remember these technical tips:
    • Connect USB headphones with a microphone to your computer before entering the room.
    • Use a wired Internet connection instead of wireless.
    • Do not connect to a VPN or a firewall when in the virtual classroom.

Following these tips will help you prepare for your virtual class and deliver an enjoyable learning experience.

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