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Case Study

The Canada Job Grant Allows a Resource-Based Company to Maintain its High Standard of Training in a Challenging Economy


Intergraph Canada Ltd., PPM Division

Intergraph Process, Power & Marine, a division of Hexagon, is the world’s leading provider of enterprise engineering software for the smarter design, construction and operation of plants, ships and offshore facilities. The company’s Canadian operation is headquartered in Calgary and serves customers across Canada, providing engineering software and related services to a variety of industrial enterprises, including the oil and gas industry.


Training Budgets Impacted by Declining Oil Prices

Intergraph Canada’s PPM Division has a strong culture of employee skills development. Training is a priority for the company, and it has always taken pride in planning for the ongoing development of personnel at all levels. For the past seven years, Intergraph has entrusted much of its training to Global Knowledge. As Intergraph’s HR Director Nancy Timmons puts it, “We pride ourselves in providing top-tier professional services in support of our software sales, and developing our people is the cornerstone of our success. We are committed to investing in all of our people, from our strong leaders to our well-developed technical teams. We believe this is one of the strategies that help us stand out from our competition.”

Historically, Intergraph employees faced the challenge of finding the time to make use of all the development dollars available to them. With 2014’s sudden decline in oil prices and its direct impact on their core customer base, the situation was reversed: Staff now had more time to dedicate to professional development, but there was less training budget available to them to put that time to good use


Canada Job Grant Allows Staff Development to Continue Affordably

As a technology-based company, Intergraph has always recognized the need to keep upgrading its employees’ skills. Organizational changes at Intergraph added to that need by requiring technical staff to add project management duties to their existing responsibilities. Qualifying for these added responsibilities meant that Intergraph’s technical personnel had to gain robust skills in project management. To provide that training within the limitations of a reduced training budget, Intergraph took advantage of the Canada Job Grant. As an approved training company, Global Knowledge was ready to help develop a training plan and assist with Intergraph’s Canada Job Grant application process. (The Canada Job Grant covers up to 2/3 of the cost of approved training, with reimbursement capped at $10,000 a year per employee.)


Intergraph Optimizes Both its Training Budget and its Employees’ Downtime

By applying Canada Job Grant funding to training received from Global Knowledge, Intergraph maintained its high standard of employee development while staying within a reduced training budget. Staff morale remained high, as Intergraph continued to demonstrate its commitment to investing in its people. Today, Intergraph remains competitive, highly skilled and ready to capitalize on the inevitable return of high energy prices.         


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