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Every organization is unique, and in training, one size often does not fit all. One of our great strengths is adapting and customizing our standard courses and programs to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Our dedicated instructional designers will work with you to combine our program content with examples, case studies and learning activities that reflect your organization.

Tailoring services range from simple cosmetic changes to extensive program redesigns that mix and match content from a variety of programs or add new sections using your own content. Some of the ways we can modify our programs to meet your needs include:


Customize Branding

Brand and format learning materials to your organization's standards.


Tailor Content

Adjust tone and terminology to meet your organization's culture and style.


Edit Program Content

Edit our case studies, role-plays and other learning exercises to include situations drawn from your organization.


Add New Content

Add new information, learning activities and media, such as:

  • Your own case studies and learning exercises.
  • Entirely new content sections.
  • Organizational videos and other media.


Create a Blended Learning Program

Integrate our content with technology-based programs to create a blended learning program, or combine courses or course segments to create a new program.


Repurpose for Alternate Delivery

Rework our content for other delivery formats, such as webinars, digital learning and social media.

Our courseware is based on an award-winning instructional design methodology that promotes rapid skills development for your team. You can rely on us to deliver exceptional content, including exercises and hands-on labs, and expert instruction for the results you need.