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Develop competency-driven learning paths to guide employee performance level from novice to expert.

Too often, learning programs are not connected to a larger curriculum road map that leads to defined levels of competency. Global Knowledge learning consultants can help you specify, structure and visually illustrate a sequence of learning programs, informal learning resources and development actions, along with a supporting infrastructure to meet targeted learning goals.

Professionals across many industries have benefited from the learning pathways and curriculum designs we’ve developed that have enabled them to gain a variety of business and technology skills. We use a competency-based approach that we modify to meet team or organization requirements.

Driven by a process that supports both the organizational performance and the personal/career development aspirations of your employees, our approach includes the following key features, and we can help at any stage of the process: 


  • A competency model that defines role-based competencies, including knowledge, skills and behaviours. 
  • Personal assessment instruments that enable employees to assess their competencies against the standards of their current role, and roles they aspire to, to determine knowledge and skills gaps and prepare a personal development plan. 
  • A curriculum structure that includes learning resources structured into a comprehensive learning architecture that links directly to the knowledge and skills defined in the role-based competency models. With the advent of informal learning and small learning assets built into workflows, we use terms such as “learning actions” and “learning architecture” instead of the more traditional “courses” and “curriculum.”
  • Role-based learning paths through learning resources. Role-based learning road maps enable employees to both develop within their current role and identify a learning line of sight to other roles and positions to which they might aspire.
  • A business process to support the learning workflow.


Through our learning architecture design services, we can provide you with:

  • Curriculum design.
  • Learning road maps.
  • 70/20/10 learning design.
  • Large visual learning road maps. 
  • Communication plans.
  • High-level program design blueprints.