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Technology and new media are driving a profound shift in workplace learning. Using new technologies, digital learning can now be developed faster and with greater impact. Informal learning approaches are growing, and social and mobile technologies are changing the way we support learning. Global Knowledge uses these advances to help you plan, design, develop and evaluate digital learning solutions to meet your unique needs.


Learning Strategy

Planning and strategy services to help you create and structure the best digital learning approach for your organization

Trusted Global Knowledge learning strategists work closely with you to define learning needs and select the appropriate methods, media and technology to develop essential skills. We develop learning strategies for entire organizations or for specific skills development initiatives. Our approach starts with business goals and proceeds to performance and learning requirements mapped to those goals. We help you make sense of the full range of digital learning alternatives and, together, establish a plan that will get maximum impact from your training investment. 



Engaging online learning experiences that accelerate time to competency and reduce training costs

On-Demand, interactive digital learning meets the need for consistent, engaging learning experiences for your employees. We offer three levels of custom digital learning, ranging from rapid information-based approaches to advanced scenarios and behavioural simulations.


Level 1

Developed rapidly and cost effectively, our Level 1 option is perfect for creating awareness or communicating information to large audiences when time and budget are at a premium.

Goal: Information and awareness

Interface: Template with predefined naviagation

Graphics and Media: Stock images, visuals and media

Interactivity: Standardized navigation and learner interaction


Level 2

When knowledge transfer and skills development are critical, our Level 2 digital learning option increases the sophistication of learning strategies, media, visual style and interactivity to meet more demanding learning needs.

Goal: Knowledge and skill development

Inferface: Customized structure and navigation

Graphics and Media: Stock images, visuals and media combined with custom production

Interactivity: Enhanced interactions for specific learning objectives


Level 3

Our Level 3 digital learning programs are best when mastery and behaviour change are essential or when advanced visual and interactive features are needed to meet learning goals. These programs are grounded in business scenarios and simulations where learners analyse problems, make decisions and experience the consequences of their choices. They learn from mistakes and expert guidance in highly interactive and visually engaging environments.

Goal: Mastery and behaviour change

Interface: Unique visual design and navigation

Graphics and Media: Custom produced images, visuals and media

Interactivity: Advanced interactions custom programmed for an engaging learning experience


Mobile Learning

Learning on-the-go

The rise of smartphones and tablets has created a new platform for learning and supporting performance for employees on the move. Mobile learning is not simply e-learning converted for mobile tools. It is also small learning assets that can be viewed at the moment of need - just enough information, delivered just in time. Our mobile learning is grounded in navigation design, information architecture and visual design appropriate to the device and learning application.

Global Knowledge's mobile learning solutions can take many forms, including short videos, structured information, short quizzes and games, performance tools, job aids, alerts, photos and audio clips. We keep the solution performance-driven, short and usable.


Social Learning

Combining social media and informal learning to put your employees in the driver seat

Social learning is emerging from a new understanding of the importance of informal learning using social media. Social learning can be used in many ways. We use the following four approaches:

  1. Enhance and extend formal classroom or digital learning programs.
  2. Create collaboration-based online and blended learning programs.
  3. Build communities of practice where learning and working happen together.
  4. Create informal learning assets and seed content for distribution through your social learning applications.


We can help you make sense of the social learning landscape and select what works for you. Our social learning designs are all about connection, collaboration and communication. We use social media tools to connect learners with peers, experts and digital learning resources. Discussion, collaboration, social networking and interactive learning content come together to enable continuous learning and performance improvement.


Performance Support

Task-based performance guides and interactive tools to enable real-time performance

Interactive e-learning is not always the optimal solution for improving performance. Online access to information, guidance, assistance, data and tools will often improve job performance with minimal or no formal training. Providing just enough information when and where it's needed is the objective of our performance support solutions. It is a powerful approach when used in conjunction with digital learning, mobile learning or classroom training.


Virtual Learning

Keep the impact of the classroom while dramatically reducing your costs

One of the fastest growing approaches to learning is live virtual learning using software like WebEx and Adobe Connect. When designed well, it can dramatically reduce training costs and provide very effective learning experiences. That's where we can help. Hundreds of Global Knowledge courses are provided remotely using virtual learning technology. Our years of experience mean we know what works and what doesn't. Let our hard-earned best practices guide your efforts to convert classroom learning to live virtual learning.


Blended Learning

Combine delivery technologies for maximum learning impact

Classroom learning is costly and under pressure to produce more effective outcomes, while interactive and social technologies are merging. More and more organizations are turning to blended learning. Combining various delivery approaches into an effective whole is the way of the future. Blended learning offers a powerful solution that can be configured to meet the unique learning needs, audiences and technology infrastructure of your organization.


Digital Learning Evaluation

If it's worth designing a custom digital learning program, it's worth knowing whether it worked

Our measurement and evaluation services help you measure:

  • Learner satisfaction.
  • Learning achievement.
  • Performance improvement.
  • Return on investment.


Evaluation is part of any effective learning strategy. The most successful evaluations are planned before learning begins. We will work with you to determine the right measurement and evaluation strategy for individual programs or entire learning departments.


An Award-Winning Difference

With over 15 years developing e-learning, the Global Knowledge team is always ready for the next challenge.

Since 2006, Global Knowledge has received ten Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD) awards, including one award for a custom scenario-based e-learning program in critical thinking skills and another for a blended learning leadership program that incorporated classroom, social and virtual learning.