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Continuous Improvement(GCIE100)

GK# 8948

Course Overview

Business is dynamic. Yesterday's new approach is today's standard practice. Therefore, businesses need to develop and implement a continuous improvement strategy and process to stay ahead of the game. This requires the vigilance of every employee in focusing on high-impact/high-value processes to look for opportunities to improve what gets done and how it gets done. The Continuous Improvement program has won awards and achieved international recognition for its practical tools, techniques and skills for rigorously examining and improving any business process, and adding real value.

Delivery Format Options

  • Classroom Live

    Classroom Live

    Receive face-to-face instruction at one of our training center locations.


    $1995 CAD

    3 day

  • Private Group Training

    Private Group Training

    Train your entire team in a private, coordinated professional development session at the location of your choice.

    Receive private training for teams online and in-person.

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What You'll Learn

  • Utilize an efficient, seven-step problem-solving model to structure your continuous improvement efforts
  • Assess the customer-supplier chain to define issues, opportunities and problems
  • Define and analyze work processes using four different process-flowcharting techniques
  • Link work processes to organizational requirements
  • Develop and use customer surveys to identify performance gaps
  • Use two proven analysis techniques to identify root causes of performance gaps
  • Establish improvement targets along with key assessment criteria and measurements to gauge progress
  • Use two different techniques to identify and prioritize alternative improvement actions
  • Select the best breakthrough actions based on identified priority requirements
  • Develop and implement an action schedule and assign tasks making the best use of resources
  • Communicate effectively with others regarding the goals and intended outcomes
  • Review progress against the plan using short, mid-and long-range review strategies
  • Celebrate success

Who Needs To Attend

Anyone responsible for planning and contributing to how work gets done; members of functional and cross-functional teams facing broad, organizational changes

Course Outline

Download Course Outline