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Proven skills development training from an experienced and trusted partner

Help you, your team or your organization develop the skills and competencies required for leadership and business success in today’s complex, global and digitally transforming world. Benefit from our industry-leading and award-winning suite of off-the-shelf courses, or have them customized to meet your unique needs. Either way, you will get today’s most relevant, research-based learning content. Combine this with modern delivery options to suit the diverse learner preferences within your employee base and you’ve got learning that sticks!


Transform learning experiences into action and results

Receive practical and immediately applicable learning with useful models, tools and job aids that can be used where it counts – on the job. Enjoy positive experiences and deeply insightful “ah ha” moments from dynamic and business-relevant facilitation. And have fun! We believe this is a universal truth. When you have fun, you learn!

Our customers agree. Our awards prove. Now the choice is yours.

Product Framework

The Business Performance Framework

This powerful tool is designed to engage you in a meaningful and expansive dialogue about your business and about the elements required to help you, your team, and your organization survive and thrive.

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Case Study: Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton Business IT Alignment

With an urgent Need to equip IT Professionals beyond technical skills a luxury retail group embraces business and IT alignment to harness the value of technology.

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White Paper: Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

As a leader, communicating is mission critical. Find out how to improve this important competency quickly and effectively.

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Looking to the Future: Leadership and Learning Forecast for Business Leaders

This report presents the results of a Canadian National survey, conducted by Global Knowledge. Its focus is on the future learning needs of business leaders.

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Award Winning

Consistent and Award-Winning Expertise

A listing of our awards and partnering clients with whom we share our success.

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Consulting Skills Pathfinder

Consulting Skills Pathfinder

Get certified from McMaster’s University of Continuing Education on how more effectively consult with internal or external clients.

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Career Success for the IT Professional

Career Success for the IT Professional

Understand the critical soft-skills required for advancing IT Professional’s careers.

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High Impact Leadership

High Impact Leadership Catalogue

A series of courses designed to help leaders build self-awareness regarding their ability to manage in today’s complex environment, and teaches them skills and competencies required to positively impact team performance, organizational results, the client experience and even their industry.

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Core Leadership

Core Leadership Portfolio

Combine the fundamentals of managing, leading and motivating employees for better results with modern skills that leaders require to deliver results in today’s global, digitally transformed world.

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