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DevOps Leader (DOL)®

Advance your DevOps skills. Create stronger teams.

Leading people through a DevOps evolution requires new skills, tools, innovative thinking, and transformational leadership. This certification will equip you with comprehensive knowledge for successful DevOps implementation, and the necessary tools and insights to drive positive change within your organization.

With DevOps Leader, you will learn about:

  • DevOps and transformational leadership
  • Unlearning counterproductive behaviors
  • Becoming a DevOps organisation
  • Measuring to learn and improve
  • Targeting operating models and organisational design
  • Articulating and socialising vision
  • Maintaining energy and momentum

Benefits for Organisations

  • Culture change toward distributed authority and improved team autonomy
  • Leadership evolves to be transformational
  • A focus on data-driven decision making
  • Measurable, value-driven outcomes for the DevOps journey

Benefits for Individuals

  • Development of leadership skills
  • A toolkit of assets to enact cultural improvement
  • Value stream-centric thinking and practices that improve workflow

Exam Information

  • Level: Advanced
  • Languages: English, Portuguese
  • Exam Duration: 60 mins
  • MCQs: 40
  • Pass Marks: 65%
  • Open Book: Yes
  • Re-Certification: Yes