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IBM Certified System Administrator - AIX V1

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The IBM AIX System Administrator administers AIX in a variety of environments, including virtualized systems, small businesses and enterprise-class data centers. The AIX administrator has strong problem determination, networking, storage, and device management skills. Additionally, the AIX administrator leads and mentors less experienced administrators and operators in their daily tasks.

The certification candidate is expected to have skills in the following areas: configure and manage networking in AIX; manage and configure VIO client partitions; manage devices; manage storage; use the HMC and PowerVC (no expectation to administer); perform user administration tasks (such as limiting resources, creating/using groups, etc.); possess strong knowledge of system backup and recovery; possess strong AIX installation and maintenance skills; configure and manage system security; use NIM and manage WPARs; possess a basic understanding of PowerVM components such as AME, AMS, Shared Processor Pools, etc. (no expectation to administer).

Since administrators require hands-on capabilities with the operating system, the accompanying certification exam only includes functionality that has been available for at least six months prior to the exam being published. This version of the certification reflects AIX features and capabilities incorporated up through AIX 7.1 TL3 SP5 (i.e. Technology Level 3, Service Pack 5) and AIX 6.1 TL9 SP5, available since May 2015.

Subsequent revisions of the exams will be named V2, V3, etc. With each new version of the exam, the accompanying description will be updated to reflect the level of operating system support that is included.


At least two years experience administering AIX in a variety of environments, including virtualized systems, small business and enterprise-class data centers.


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