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Purchasing is easier with the new Standing Offer and Supply Arrangement

Great news: The Government of Canada has awarded Global Knowledge a 10-year Standing Offer and Supply Arrangement for the provision of commercially available training to all employees of the federal government, federal agencies and federal Crown corporations.

So now, more than ever, Global Knowledge is your obvious choice for training that is easy to book, buy and deliver. As Canada’s largest training provider, Global Knowledge can serve your needs anywhere in Canada. Our training is offered across multiple modalities, from traditional classroom instruction to on-demand learning. Plus, our learning curriculum has the depth and breadth to help your teams fulfill the demanding requirements of Blueprint 2020.

As Canada’s largest employer, the federal government receives substantial discounts on Global Knowledge training. The Standing Offer (E60ZH-140001-013-ZH) provides commercially available training to individual learners. For larger government projects and groups, the Supply Arrangement (E60ZH-140001-014-ZH) facilitates the purchase of training that is customized to align with specific strategic goals.

With our experience and our specialized government training, you can count on getting the quality learning you need.


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