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Remote Business – 5 Ms to Success

April 14, 2020
40m 31s

Trends in the market are encouraging companies to have many additional remote workers. Learn the necessary steps to succeed by attending this webinar. In this webinar you will gain insights including a cultural shift, preparation of employees, and technological steps and considerations.

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Gidget Pryor

Gidget has worked as a network administrator, programmer, developer, database administrator, analyst, business Intelligence consultant, project manager, and solutions engineer. She has held many of these roles simultaneously. Presently, she is a solutions engineer and continues to maintain her MCT and certification credentials. Her main area of focus as an instructor and consultant was in data and analytics. She maintains ongoing expertise in many technology areas including Azure, Office 365, .Net, Windows, and security.

In her current role, Gidget focuses on solutions for companies and individuals as they pursue new and enhanced skills development as well as certification. Gidget maintains focus and interest in computers and technology for their usefulness and applicability in the marketplace and strives to help others do the same.

In this Webinar, you will learn:

  • Prepare the environment and culture
  • Manage – How to manage remote teams including culture and productivity
  • Mobilize – What logistics need to be considered?
  • Motivate – What skills need consideration? How can teams collaborate?
  • Modernize – What technologies are involved?
  • Mitigate – What are the risks regarding security and continuity?

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