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6 Benefits of PMP Certification

Dec. 29, 2019
Global Knowledge

A Project Manager Professional (PMP) is an individual who has earned an industry-recognized project manager certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI).

There are many advantages to taking the PMP® certification exam—here are six that are impossible to ignore.

1. You will enhance your career opportunities

The demand for certified PMPs is growing. A recent PMI-commissioned analysis conducted by Anderson Economic Group looked at career growth for project managers. The study estimated a growth of 33% (nearly 22 million jobs) through 2027.

“By 2027, employers will need nearly 88 million individuals in project management-oriented roles.”

High demand equals more opportunities to advance your career and earn more money.


2. You will be recognized as an experienced professional

PMP certification is a universally recognized symbol of excellence in the field. This type of certification is global in nature, meaning the skills required can translate across all industries and projects. PMP certification also adds to your value in the market. Companies that have PMPs  have projects that are also more likely to be completed as required, on time and on budget.


3. You will speak the right language

Communication is key to successful project management. PMP certification signals that you speak a common language, which is essential for good communication. It is likely you will take on many different kinds of projects in your career. It is also likely you will have to work with a different team each time. If you can speak a common business language, you will ensure that everyone stays on the same page.

You will understand the essential framework of project management, including phases like Procurement Audits and Procurement Performance Reviews. These are not simply industry terms, but necessary pieces of the project management puzzle.


4. You will learn new skills

PMP certification opens up avenues to learn new skills that will enhance your knowledge and opportunities for career growth. What can the certification process teach you?

Perseverance for one.

Passing the PMP eExam is not easy . It takes many hours of study and preparation. It requires you to master the material and learn the fundamentals of each methodology used in project management.

You will also learn important hard and soft skills such as communication, leadership, organization, team management, resources management, problem solving, conflict resolution, and time management.

Lastly, you will learn the best practices and current trends in project management.


5. You will (probably) earn more money

According to the Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report, the average North American IT professional earns $109,985 annually. Those with a PMP certification earn $129,457—nearly 18% above the mean.


6. You will demonstrate your dedication

The dedication required to earn a PMP certification is something others recognize. First, you must meet strict standards in order to qualify for the exam. A bachelor’s degree requires at least 36 months, and an associate’s degree requires at least 60 months of experience.

Plus, certification means you are dedicated to improving your knowledge, skills, and credentials. This translates to respect from employers, peers, team members, and clients.


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