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#1 Gotcha When Selecting and Enrolling in a Course

Feb. 06, 2019
Zane Schweer


Not checking the course prerequisites.

We want you to have the best training experience possible. And that means being in the class that positions you for success by pushing you, but not drowning you.


To help set you up for training success, here are 4 tips to select the right instructor-led course.

  1. Check the prerequisites
    • Are there required or recommended courses to take before the course you’re looking at?
      • If there are required or recommended prerequisite courses, look at the course outline to make sure you feel comfortable with the knowledge set covered.
    • Are there required certifications?
    • Are there required work experiences?
  2. Check the follow-on courses
    • Do the next courses make sense for your job role and career progression?
  3. When in doubt, ask
    • Contact your customer success manager or account manager.
  4. Be honest with yourself
    • Time is a limited resource and you can’t maximize your training time if you don’t know what’s going on in the class.


Other signs the course might not be the best fit

  1. If the course overview reads like a foreign language.
  2. “What You’ll Learn” section doesn’t apply to your job.
  3. “Who Should Attend” doesn’t list your job role or job activities.
  4. You don’t know systems and platforms mentioned in the course overview.


What should you do if you find yourself in a course you are not prepared for?
We offer a 100% First Day Guarantee on most courses.

If, upon completion of the first day of a Classroom Live or Virtual Classroom Live course, you are not satisfied with the class and wish to withdraw for this reason, (i) notify the instructor, (ii) return all course materials and (iii) contact the cancellation department by phone at 877-205-0263 or in writing via email at by the close of business in order to receive a 100 percent refund, less any applicable fees, or to apply the money to future training.) Read the rest of the course policies.