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Bottom Line Innovation

GK# 8787

Course Overview


Innovation is the one key business competency that can quickly separate the winners from the rest in this fast-paced competitive environment. The sustaining value for more and more organizations is a prime focus on their intellectual capital as creators of innovation. This is becoming an organization's most important and valuable asset.

"Value innovation is not defined as outpacing the competition; it is end-running the competition by creating new value propositions and thus having no competition for an initial period." (World Economic Forum)

The Bottom Line Innovation program provides a proven process for the discovery of dozens of new, unexpected, and useful ideas targeted at important organizations.

Benefits for the Individual

  • Expanded thinking abilities beyond limited, traditional approaches
  • A clear focus and approach for tackling business issues in innovative ways
  • Generation of many more ideas and better scrutiny of selected ideas
  • A more results-oriented method for selling ideas internally
  • Understanding of and ability to immediately apply pattern-breaking techniques which increase the capability to generate innovative ideas

Benefits for the Organization

  • A systematic process for innovation to address business needs and issues
  • Translates vision, mission, and organizational imperatives into an actionable process
  • A means for building and leveraging your organization's intellectual capital
  • A process for making innovation repeatable and sustainable
  • Improves the quantity and quality of innovative ideas

What You'll Learn

  • Employ eight different strategies to establish the right environment for innovation
  • Focus on key challenges and formulate a powerful challenge statement to focus your efforts
  • Use the Bottom Line Innovation process map to guide the creation and implementation of innovative ideas and solutions
  • Identify the ideal future and develop opportunity statements to shape and open possibilities
  • Brainstorm individually and collectively to begin idea generation
  • Go beyond brainstorming by using five pattern-breaking techniques to generate hundreds of new ideas
  • Pool ideas and select key ones using consistent evaluation criteria
  • Assess the relative risks and benefits of each idea to determine feasibility and establish priorities
  • Build action plans and gain commitment from the implementation team
  • Obtain support from others for your ideas and implementation plans



Prework for this course is required four weeks in advance.

You are required to meet with the instructor prior to the course to confirm Challenge Statement.

Who Should Attend


Team members, intact teams, and others who need to develop new, unexpected, and useful ideas to address business issues, challenges, opportunities, and problems

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