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What is DevOps?

DevOps is a movement and shift in current culture. It consists of modular programming, iterative development, and collaboration between software development and operations teams to integrate and break down silos within organizations. It establishes a whole environment where faster, efficient, and cost-effective software deliverables are possible.


Build DevOps skills to meet demands

The ability to ship applications to market faster in order to maintain a competitive edge is what companies today need. A growing number of organizations continue to adopt DevOps practices to help deliver software faster, with more reliability and fewer errors.

How do you get there? A deep understanding of DevOps best practices helps teams come together, from developers to operations and even the IT security teams. Foundational knowledge, core processes, and imperative technical tools are what helps to accelerate a DevOps environment. At Global Knowledge, we’ve taken this concept to create a unique DevOps training curriculum that will help organizations adopt this emerging methodology and apply it to their day-to-day environment.


What do our DevOps courses cover?

Begin with an introduction to core concepts and move directly to intermediate DevOps process skills, such as continuous delivery and continuous integration. When it comes to tech, we offer training on the most popular automation tools such as Ansible, Docker, Chef, Puppet, and more. Keep in mind that complementary methodologies will be critical to the management and support of a DevOps environment and can be done through Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, and ITIL framework training courses. And when you’re ready to achieve certification, check out our DASA and DevOps Institute (DOI) certification prep training.

Learn the principles and best practices of DevOps that can prepare teams towards meeting business goals and customer satisfaction.


Ready to get started? Enroll in one of our DevOps courses today!

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Assess Your DevOps Readiness

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