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Cisco Digital Learning Subscriptions

Cisco Digital Learning subscriptions give you access, anywhere, anytime to the Cisco portfolio of  product, technology, and certification courses.

Redesigned, reimagined and now more flexible and intuitive than ever, Cisco Digital Learning puts you and your team in control of the training you need, when you need it. From certification training across multiple technologies to a single product training course, Cisco Digital Learning has a solution for you.

Cisco Digital Learning subscriptions support every aspect of your work, whether you’re rolling out new products, advancing your career with certifications, or handling day-to-day infrastructure management.

Cisco Digital Learning offers three different tiers of training subscriptions:

  • Cisco Digital Learning All Inclusive includes the complete Cisco portfolio of product, technology, and certification training. Access is for 365 days.
  • Cisco Digital Learning Technology subscriptions offer all the Cisco titles in a specific technology area, including product, technology, and certification courses. Technology areas include DevNet, Networking, Data Center, Security, and Collaboration. Access is for 365 days.
  • Single Course Titles. Allows you to focus on specific areas required for your job role – either technology or product. Access is for 180 days.

All subscriptions include webinars and best practices.

Cisco Learning Credits can be used to pay for your subscription.


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