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Value of Training

Training is your skills gap solution

Skills development must be prioritized and pursued within the organization. A lack of IT skills is having serious consequences globally, including higher levels of employee stress, project and deployment delays, and even revenue loss. A skilled workforce is the solution. Identify where skills gaps pose the biggest threat and pursue training in those areas. 

Mind the Gap: 6 Steps to Organizational Success

Explore each step of the Learner's Journey in this free informational e-book.

79% of IT decision-makers say their teams have skills gaps. Almost 40% attribute these gaps to a lack of training investment.
Certifications pay off. Boost your salary by checking out our annual list of highest-paying IT certifications.
Relevant Content
Stay current between training. Our resource library is filled with free articles, webinars and white papers written by the same experts who teach our courses.
Apply new skills immediately. 97% of Global Knowledge students have used or will use their new knowledge in their current job.
Subject matter experts with real-world skills. Nearly 70% of Global Knowledge instructors are active IT consultants.

Value of Training Resources

Top Tech Trends and Predictions for 2020

Global Knowledge subject matter experts predict the top trends for 2020 in IT training, Microsoft, Cisco, AWS, cybersecurity and more.

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The 70:20:10 Learning Model

Effective learning is founded on a balance of formal and informal learning. Use this formula as a recommendation for optimal learning.

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How Workplace Training Drives Success

Increased productivity is one of the many benefits that come from training with Global Knowledge. Discover even more benefits from first-hand surveys of more than 3,200 of our students.

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