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Group Training

Align your team to achieve organizational goals

You already know the value of training. But navigating your options and devising a skills development strategy can be overwhelming. Global Knowledge can help you maximize your training budget and set your team up for success. Our training modalities, subscriptions, special offers and free resources are tools available for all managers, training coordinators and group buyers. Get your team trained and aligned with strategic goals.

Make the most of your budget. Even when formal training was provided by the company, only 59% of decision-makers authorized training last year.
Ongoing training is critical. Teams lose more than half of their capabilities after three years without skill development.
Trained employees are happier. Professionals who take any IT training are more satisfied in their roles and are less likely to pursue employment elsewhere.
Interactive Exercises
Flexible delivery formats. Train live in a classroom, onsite with team members, or on-demand whenever you want. View all training modalities.
Prepays are flexible and let you lock in discounted rates. Invest up front and select your training when you need it.
Save with special offers. Whether you’re purchasing one course or a bundle, we have a number of promotions to help you lock in reduced rates.

Group Training Resources

Value of Private Group Training

Eliminate the disparity between co-worker skill sets and get everyone on the same page. Train your team onsite or in a traditional classroom.

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Cyber Team Webinar

How to Maximize Your Training Budget

In this free webinar, learn how to create an effective training strategy, and discover popular and overlooked ways organizations and professionals can purchase training.

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Training Credits and Vouchers

Global Knowledge accepts training credits and vouchers as payment for courses. Know if you have them and be aware of when they expire.

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