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End User Training

End User Adoption Programmes

You’ve already chosen to invest in your organisation’s success with your Microsoft 365 deployment. Now choose to empower your people to adopt new ways of working in a modern workplace and realise Continuous Return on Investment with a targeted adoption programme.

What we do

Global Knowledge designs, delivers and manages inclusive custom end user adoption training solutions.reference

Our adoption programmes provide flexible, scalable and customised training to support end users be prepared to adopt and embrace new ways of working using new tools. Our thoughtful range of training modalities addresses a multi-generational workforce and offers a range of tried and tested services to get the perfect fit options for our customers and their people.

We have successfully delivered training solutions and complex projects for many years and worked with a range of organisations to help them drive value from their Microsoft 365 investment. We have combined our experience to offer a robust learning solution aligned to your organisation, to inspire and empower users and support successful adoption of Microsoft 365 tools.

MS 365 Kick Start

Kick Start End User Adoption

A custom programme to provide the skills to accelerate end user adoption.

Simply choose your Microsoft 365 topic(s) and we will do the rest.

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MS365 Continuous end user

Continuous End User Adoption

A flexible continuous package of custom ongoing learning.

To empower users and support a continuous learning mindset and innovative thinking to drive adoption.

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MS365 Digital end user

End User Digital Resources

A targeted range of end user selfservice learning for Microsoft 365.

To provide learning opportunities for when, where and how your people are ready to learn.

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