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Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs)

Redeeming Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) for Cisco training 

Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) are prepaid training vouchers that can be redeemed for a variety of training-related products and services, including: 

  • Public Schedule Courses 
  • Private or Company Specific Courses 
  • Course Specific eLearning 
  • Cisco Learning Subscriptions – Cisco U. All Access or Essentials 
  • Cisco Live Attendance 
  • Exams 

The Value of Cisco Learning Credits 

Each CLC has a value of $100 US dollars. 

Courses Eligible for CLC Payment 

CLCs are applicable to all Skillsoft Global Knowledge Cisco Authorized training courses. The cost and credit allocation are determined by Cisco. Sales tax where applicable must also be covered using CLCs. Use the Learning Locator to find Skillsoft Global Knowledge courses. 

Public Training Schedule (Open enrollment) 

A comprehensive overview of the courses offered in our public schedule and the corresponding CLCs charged per student can be found here. 

Private Group Training (Dedicated) 

If you’re interested in having Skillsoft Global Knowledge deliver a Cisco course as a training for your team, contact us. We’ll discuss the available options with you and initiate the booking process with Cisco on your behalf. 

Booking a Cisco Course with CLCs 

To book a Cisco course using CLCs as your payment method, follow these steps: 

1. Visit the Cisco Learning Locator

2. Select the desired course. If you already know the course code, simply enter it in the search field. Alternatively, you can search based on technology or certification. 

3. To easily find courses offered by Skillsoft Global Knowledge, enter 'Global Knowledge Network' in the 'Course provider' field.

4. Scroll to the date you prefer to attend the training.

5. Click 'Enroll’ using CLCs and complete the booking process by entering your CLCs.

6. A Team Captain from your organization will receive an email from Cisco to approve the training request paid with CLCs. Once approved, the booking is forwarded to Skillsoft Global Knowledge, and you will be officially enrolled in the course.

7. Alternatively you can ask you Skillsoft Global Knowledge Account Manager for the exact link to the course and date you wish to book.

Booking Cisco U. and Cisco E-Learning with CLCs 

Cisco offers two Cisco U. subscriptions. 

Both Cisco U. subscriptions grant access for 365 days and deliver digital content through an enhanced learning experience. You’ll benefit from personalized guidance, a comprehensive catalogue of Cisco and multi-vendor training, and access to a global community for discussion and support. 

Cisco Single Title E-Learning

There are nearly 100 single course titles available under Cisco Single Title E-Learning, with access granted for 180 days. You can find the full list of current offerings here. 

Here’s how you can redeem your Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) to purchase subscriptions: 

1. Obtain the relevant subscription or eLearning Course Link from your Skillsoft Global Knowledge Account Manager.

2. Ensure that the Cisco U. or Cisco eLearning in your cart is eligible for CLC redemption.

3. During the checkout process, select the 'Use Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs)' checkbox in the Payment Method section.

4. Enter your Sales Order number and the number of CLCs required for your order.

5. Once all information is entered, click the 'Continue' button to proceed.

6. Complete the checkout process as usual.

Upon processing by Cisco, an email will be sent to the student registered for the subscription or eLearning for access. 

Need help? Reach out to your Skillsoft Global Knowledge Account Manager for assistance or any inquiries you may have. 

Leverage Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) to access Skillsoft Global Knowledge solutions, encompassing instructor-led, on-demand, and private group training. View our courses.

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