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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Learn AWS with Global Knowledge

How do you keep up with AWS 'rapid advancements and constant innovation? By the time you learn one skill, you are already approaching its next update. This can easily cause a skills gap that you (and your manager) want to avoid.

Global Knowledge is an AWS Authorized Training Partner, which simply means using the latest content developed by AWS with hands-on labs.We have over 25 certified AWS Authorized Instructor (AAI) Champions and instructors - you are taught by experts with real-world experience. Train with Global Knowledge to get used AWS cloud and prepare for AWS certification, which is among the highest-paying, most in-demand and widely-recognized in the industry.

AWS Training

AWS Courses

As a leading Amazon Web Services (AWS) Authorised Training partner in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), we help individuals delivering cloud-based solutions gain proficiency with AWS services and solutions.

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AWS Certifications

With the accelerating adoption of cloud computing and the AWS Cloud around the world, organisations are increasingly seeking ways to identify individuals with demonstrated knowledge of AWS best practices.

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AWS Articles

The Future is Now with AWS Certifications

What’s the hottest area in tech? What skills are most IT pros searching for? What jobs are most in demand? According to the 2018 Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report, the answers are all the same: cloud, cloud, cloud.

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How To Earn a Top-Paying AWS Certification & Salary

Of the 16,000 IT professionals who participated in the Global Knowledge 2018 IT Skills and Salary Survey, 807 respondents said they hold an AWS certification. The average salary of an AWS-certified IT professional is roughly $113,000, the highest of all certifications in the United States and Canada.

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Examining the 6 layers of AWS Security

Let’s examine the top concepts, services and tools that provide your AWS-hosted apps with the same enterprise level security that, itself, enjoys.

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AWS White Papers

A Complete Guide: How to Become an AWS Certified Architect

If you’re looking to advance your career in IT, there are few better ways than an AWS certification. Among AWS certifications, Architect Associate is by far the most in demand.


A Complete Guide: How to Become an AWS Certified SysOps Administrator

Achieving the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate certification validates your technical expertise in deployment, management and operations on the AWS platform


How to Build a Pluggable IoT Pipeline in AWS

As far as modern architectures go, there are few more complicated than an IoT pipeline. You’ve got to consider an ingestion layer (typically streaming) that may undergo manic load. You’ve got to think of data tagging, storage (probably across multiple engines), archival and access—both internal and external.


Implementing AWS containers in your organisation in 6 steps

After years of experimenting, more and more organisations are adopting the IT principle of containerisation. Nowadays, containerisation is much more than an IT buzzword. It has developed into a hypervisor-based virtualisation technology with many real-world benefits.


Implementing AWS data lakes in your organisation in 5 steps

Modern businesses are constantly on the lookout for ways to harness the full potential of huge volumes of data without impacting their core operations. Not so strange, considering the fact that organisations that successfully generate business value from their data generally outperform their peers.


Implementing AWS Machine Learning in your organisation in 6 steps

From smart voice assistants to self-driving cars, and from smart product configurators to predictive models that have the potential to minimise the damage caused by climate change, machine learning is reshaping the ways in which we interact with machines, the world and our fellow human beings.


AWS Webinars


How to Build a Web Server with Lambda

The idea of building and running applications without thinking about the servers (AKA serverless computing) is a developers dream come true.

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How to Optimize and Improve Your AWS Architecture

In this one-hour webinar, AWS consultant and instructor Ryan Dymek, will discuss how to optimize your AWS architecture design.

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How to Effectively Migrate a Web App to AWS

After selecting AWS as your organization’s cloud provider, users will generally have the question, “how do I move my existing web and mobile apps?” Watch this one-hour webinar where our AWS course director and master instructor Rich Morrow discusses best practices and techniques, the core AWS services to use and performs a live demo of migrating an existing site.

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AWS ramp-up guides by role

AWS architect


For AWS Cloud architects, solutions architects, and engineers

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AWS Operations


For systems administrators and systems operations professionals

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