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Implementing AWS containers in your organisation in 6 steps

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  • Date: 12 October, 2021


After years of experimenting, more and more organisations are adopting the IT principle of containerisation. Nowadays, containerisation is much more than an IT buzzword. It has developed into a hypervisor-based virtualisation technology with many real-world benefits. Containerisation is the packaging of software code with just the operating system (OS) libraries and dependencies required to run the code. This technology creates a single, lightweight executable that runs consistently on any infrastructure. Such a software package is called a container. In this whitepaper, we will take a closer look at the main benefits of containers and container technology. We will also show you how to successfully implement AWS containers in your organisation in 6 steps.


Benefit 1: Portability
Other than their often humongous reallife counterparts, software containers are highly portable. What do we mean by this? A container is a smartly compressed and instantly executable software package that is not tied to or dependent on the host operating system. This means that a container is portable and able to run uniformly across any platform or cloud environment.

Transporting a container from a desktop computer to a virtual machine is a piece of cake. Do you want to transfer a container from a Linux to a Windows ecosystem? No problem. And are you looking for a flexible way to move applications between the AWS cloud and Azure? Then containers are the way to go.

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