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Webinar - Recorded

How to Maximize Your Training Budget

Global Knowledge
  • Date: 20 February, 2019
  • Duration: 34m 50s


In this informative webinar, participants will learn about the popular and overlooked ways organizations and professionals can purchase training to become more resilient. It will be easier to overcome roadblocks such as budget cuts that in the past would have forced you to utter the phrase, “We don’t have the budget.”

Here is what you can expect in the webinar:

  • Training / vendor credits
  • Training credits vs training provider prepays
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Discounts
  • Types of delivery formats
  • If you can only take one course


Zane Schweer - Global Knowledge Senior Marketing Manager

Ryan Day - Global Knowledge Content Marketing Manager

Zane Schweer and Ryan Day are keen on making the lives of training managers, learning and development professionals and IT professionals who oversee training, easier. They do that through creating content that answers questions L&D professionals are asking and providing insights and best practices on how a global training company such as Global Knowledge approaches training.

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