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WHITE PAPER: VMware vSAN and the hyperconverged infrastructure

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  • Date: 25 November, 2021


In our current data-driven world, fast and reliable storage and infrastructure solutions are more important than ever before. A so-called hyperconverged infrastructure paves the path towards a modern and future-proof IT infrastructure. A hyperconverged infrastructure is a softwaredefined IT infrastructure that virtualises pretty much every element of a conventional, hardwaredefined

One of the most popular and comprehensive hyperconverged platforms is VMware’s vSAN. According to VMware, more than 20,000 organisations—large, small and pretty much everything in-between—already use VMware vSAN, whilst the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) software leads the market. In this paper, we are going to take a closer look at vSAN and its most important features. We will also explore how this technology can benefit IT managers in terms of immediate benefits and long-term gains. So read on to expand your vSAN knowledge.

What is VMware vSAN?

VMware vSAN (formerly known as Virtual SAN) is a software-defined virtual storage solution. By using and abstracting the local server storage of ESXi hosts, the technology eliminates the need for additional storage containers. It applies the principle of shared storage by combining the servers’ local storage into a single or multiple storage pool(s). This allows organisations to bring down the total cost of ownership (TCO) of data storage.

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