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Certified Information System Auditor

ISACA Training

Achieving Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification, the globally recognized, go-to certification for those who audit, control, monitor and assess IT and business systems, validates that you have the expertise to help identify and assess vulnerabilities, report on compliance and institute controls. 





Along with passing the CISA certification exam, you must have five or more years of experience in information systems (IS) audit, control, assurance or security to apply for CISA certification. At the discretion of ISACA, you may substitute education and related work experience for up to three years of the required five years of experience.

Required Exams

About the CISA Exam 

You will have four hours to answer 200 questions based on the five domains: 

  • Domain 1: The Process of Auditing Information Systems
  • Domain 2: Governance and Management of IT
  • Domain 3: Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation
  • Domain 4: Information Systems Operations, Maintenance and Support
  • Domain 5: Protection of Information Assets

Next Steps

CISAs are required by ISACA to earn 120 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours per three-year certification period, with a minimum of 20 hours each year.

Recommended Courses

CISA Courses


Maintaining CISA Certification 

The CISA continuing professional education (CPE) policy requires that you attain at least 20 CPE hours per year and 120 CPE hours every three years.