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Microsoft Certified: Specialty

MSFT Cloud

Become a Microsoft expert by passing a Microsoft Specialty Certification

As technology constantly evolves, your business and employees need continuous learning to stay at the forefront of delivering value to customers. Microsoft training and certification empowers organizations to unlock the capabilities of technology by keeping team members current with next-generation solutions and skills. By enabling technical professionals to learn in a style that fits their needs, Microsoft’s role-based training and certifications can advance employee talent and career growth while helping companies achieve their digital transformation goals.

Microsoft’s role-based training and certification helps individuals and organizations close both the skills and roles gap. Microsoft certifications match roles with specific courses of study. This provides a holistic view of how identified roles meet industry and market needs, with skills and capabilities needed for the job, including specializations, hands-on experience, and practice requirements.

Just as Microsoft training is aligned with roles, Microsoft Certifications are designed to validate that those in-demand talents exist. While aligned to relevant industry job roles today and in the future, Microsoft Certification validates technical knowledge and the ability to demonstrate real-world skills, which can help increase productivity and creative solutions for the team. By earning a Microsoft Specialty certification, it demonstrates you have advanced knowledge in key Microsoft technologies and role-based skills.


Check out the Microsoft Specialty Certifications that are available:

  • Azure: Azure for SAP Workload’s Specialty
  • Azure: Azure Support Engineer for Connectivity Specialty
  • Azure: Azure Cosmos DB Developer Specialty
  • Azure: Azure Virtual Desktop Specialty
  • Azure: Azure IoT Developer Specialty
  • Dynamics 365: Customer Data Platform Specialty
  • Microsoft 365: Exchange Online Support Engineer Specialty
  • Microsoft 365: Team Support Engineer Specialty

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