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Three Steps to Ensure the Success of Your IT Projects

Jan. 06, 2021
Global Knowledge


Projects are often complex, made up of a large number of moving pieces and bring numerous challenges. But, by using the three key steps mentioned in this white paper during your project planning and execution phases, your ability to achieve success is greatly enhanced. The steps enable you to identify stakeholders, manage requirements and set a course for achievable expectations.



In so many respects project management seems like it would be fairly straightforward. You identify and gather a group of highly skilled people, clarify your goals and objectives, develop a budget, and create a schedule. What could be easier?

The reality is projects do not always go the way we would like them to. We often find ourselves being asked to do more with less and at a faster pace than ever before. Sometimes we are successful in our efforts despite these negating factors. Other times these factors cannot be overcome and contribute to significantly less than optimal results and even project failure. The following is a list of additional factors that contribute to project failure:

 - poor communication
 - inadequate planning
 - lack of control
 - lack of upper management support
 - poor risk planning
 - lack of end-user support
 - missed deadlines
 - unrealistic expectations
 - complex technological issues

Some causes of project failure are beyond anyone's control, but more often than not, we can take courses of action that will help ensure project success. The following is a list of just some of the factors that lead to project success:

 - effective communication
 - executive support and organizational commitment
 - clear project definition, business objectives, and requirements
 - an effective team and support structure
 - a practical plan and expectations tailored to fit the project and its team
 - clear roles and responsibilities
 - the involvement of skilled resources, including experienced project managers
 - adequate risk management and quality methods
 - integrated change control, including scope, schedule, and cost
 - the use of a standard, consistent, and practical project methodology

Achieving success in project management is simply the result of emphasizing the fundamentals. Many key factors contribute to project success, but three of the most basic - stakeholder identification and analysis, effective communication, identifying project requirements, stakeholder expectations, and scope of work.


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