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Healthcare Organizations and Data Breach: How to Lower Risk and Reduce Liability

Aug. 14, 2015
David Willson


Discover why healthcare organizations must take an immediate active role in securing their data. It is much more costly, monetarily as well as with regard to reputation, for an organization to react to a breach rather than plan for it.


Healthcare Breach Statistics

In light of the recent Anthem breach it seems fitting to discuss what healthcare organizations can and should do to protect healthcare records, lower the risk of a breach, protect their reputation, and reduce their liability. Most of us only hear about the very large and public data breaches, like Anthem. Make no mistake, the Anthem breach is just the tip of the iceberg and should be a huge wakeup call. But, it is in no way an isolated event when it comes to breaches against healthcare organizations. Since 2009, data on more than 120 million people has been compromised in breaches on more than 1,100 organizations.

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