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Five Advantages of Designing with AWS

March 03, 2021
Jeff Peters


Advancing your knowledge of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud can be life-changing.

The skills needed to navigate this newest evolution in IT are in demand and pay well, and it doesn’t apply solely to system administrators and developers. Other business units such as marketing, sales, and operations benefit greatly from having a solid grasp of AWS.

It will not be enough to simply familiarize yourself with the buzzwords and acronyms, though. You will need to focus on the mechanisms and designs specific to the cloud since they are what allow for the cost savings, scalability, and high availability that make AWS so popular. The end goal will be to earn the AWS Cloud Practitioner, which is their foundation-level certification.

This white paper will focus on five elements of design that will kickstart your understanding of AWS and the course options that will help you achieve your AWS certification goals.

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