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A Complete Guide: How to Become an AWS Certified Architect

May 14, 2021
Rich Morrow

Why get certified as an AWS Architect?

If you’re looking to advance your career in IT, there are few better ways than an AWS certification. Among AWS certifications, Architect Associate is by far the most in-demand. In fact, in Global Knowledge’s IT Skills and Salary Report, AWS Architect Associate is routinely one of the top-paying certifications (including non-AWS certifications), with an average salary just south of $150,000—not too shabby for someone looking to move onward and upward.

Unlike other certifications that focus primarily on one technology (i.e. Hadoop, MySQL, etc.), AWS certifications may cover a couple dozen AWS services. If you’re taking an AWS certification exam, you’re expected to know a bit about a lot. The “jack of all trades” with knowledge about storage, networking and processing are set up for success.

Being prepared for the topic matter isn’t enough for test-takers. They also need a clear plan of how to take the test. How many questions are there? How much time are you given? Are you allowed to view questions more than once?

This certification prep guide will give candidates everything they need to ramp up both the technical and logistical knowledge needed to pass the AWS Certified Architect – Associate exam.


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