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A Complete Guide: How to Become a Google Certified Professional Data Engineer

April 05, 2021
Ronald J. Daskevich

What is the GCP Professional Data Engineer certification?

Google has created a track for IT professionals to certify as a data engineer on the GCP platform. This certification program provides Google cloud professionals a way to demonstrate their skills. The assessment is based on a rigorous exam using industry standard methodology to determine whether a candidate meets Google’s proficiency standards.

According to Google, a Google Certified Professional - Data Engineer “enables data- driven decision making by collecting, transforming, and visualizing data. The Data Engineer designs, builds, maintains, and troubleshoots data processing systems with a particular emphasis on the security, reliability, fault-tolerance, scalability, fidelity, and efficiency of such systems.”

Candidates who achieve the GCP Data Engineer certification will gain confidence in their ability, understanding and proficiency with the GCP environment. In the competitive cloud marketplace, certifications will be a differentiator and position individuals ahead of the game.

The data engineering certification is intermediate-level; it is expected that candidates have related experience in this field in order to pass the examination. 


Who should take the Data Engineer exam?

Data architects, data engineers, developers responsible for managing big data transformation initiatives, and even data analysts have the existing skills and could benefit from learning additional skills associated with this exam. 


How will becoming a Google Certified Data Engineer impact your job and career?

Certifications in the IT industry have a proven track record of providing value and confidence to employees, employers and customers, including:

  • Demonstrated knowledge in a technology or product.
  • Enhanced understanding of a technology or product.
  • Differentiation from other candidates in a job application.
  • Proof of continuous learning.
  • Deepen understanding through preparation for a certification, even if you are familiar with the technology or product.
  • Increased credibility for the professional and their organization.
  • Increased opportunities for new tasks or career paths.

With these benefits (and more) in mind, a GCP Professional Data Engineer certification is no exception. A candidate that achieves certification as a Google Certified Professional Data Engineer has proven their ability to leverage the GCP environment in many ways:

  • Build and maintain data structures and databases.
  • Design data processing systems.
  • Analyze data and enable machine learning.
  • Model business processes for analysis and optimization.
  • Design for reliability.
  • Visualize data and advocate policy.
  • Design for security and compliance.

Now that you know what the GCP Professional Data Engineer certification is, it’s time to learn more about the exam and create a plan for achieving the certification.

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