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What “Good Cyber Resilience” Is and How to Get There

May 26, 2016
59m 37s

Cyber resilience is becoming a bigger issue for all organizations. But what does “good cyber resilience” look like? And how do you get there?

Dan Cole

Dan Cole is responsible for product development of the Cyber Resilience program at Axelos, Dan Cole supports global adoption and continual improvement of the RESILIA global best practice. Prior to his current role, Cole held various product management and marketing roles.


Organizations face many potential cyber risks, with an increasing number of successful incidents causing reputation, operational and financial damage.

Improving cyber resilience starts with the “human factor” and harnessing the power of your people. RESILIA provides practical guidance on cyber resilience best practices, both for the organization and its people.

In this hour-long webinar, RESILIA Cyber Resilience program leaders Nick Wilding and Dan Cole will introduce the RESILIA Pathway tool to help you understand where you are now and what the journey to improved cyber resilience looks like. They will show you how the journey maps to RESILIA-certified training and how RESILIA builds on well-established management systems and approaches from ITIL® to equip everyone in IT roles with the knowledge and skills to contribute to improved cyber resilience.